Meet The Board


The President presides over all meetings.  The President works closely with the Director of the nursery school to meet the goals and objectives.  He/She acts as a coordinator and liaison between the teachers, Executive Board and parents on an as needed basis by virtue of his or her position.

Hello, my name is Abby Alaya and I’m the Board President. I have 3 children, my oldest is a graduate of RNS and he’s now in first grade. My middle child is currently in the Pre-K and my youngest is 1 and can’t wait to go to school. This is my 4th year on the board and my first as President. My duties include welcoming the families to the new school year, working with our School’s Director in the running of our school, running the board meetings and helping with all the other board positions. I’m excited for this new school year and know it will be our best yet.


The Vice-President acts in the absence of the President. Performs such duties as the President may assign. Assigns responsibilities to the teachers and aides.  Assures that the classrooms are properly setup.  Organize and oversee all aspects of year-end clean up and beginning of the year set up. Is in charge of the contracts of the school employees and acts as liaison between the landlord(s), vendors and the Executive Board and Board of Directors.

My name is Shanna and I am the current Board Vice-President. I have two children, both girls. My oldest graduated from RNS and is now a first grader. My youngest currently attends RNS in the 3’s class with Mrs Frascella. This is my third year on the board and my first on the Executive Board. I am looking forward to another fun filled year.


The Treasurer takes care of all financial aspects of the school. Collects tuition payments and provides receipts upon request. Oversees annual audits of books and preparation of end of year tax filings. Keeps detailed records of accounts receivables and reimbursements.

My name is Jill and I am the current Board Treasurer. My family has been involved with RNS since 2009 and I served as the treasurer from 2010 to 2013.  I have 2 children who currently attend Wanaque School and my youngest is in the Pre-K here at RNS.  I am happy to be back as the treasurer and look forward to a great year.  


The Secretary manages the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings.  Distributes the minutes within a reasonable period of time after each meeting. Ensures that all documentation and filing requirements of the school and the Board of Directors were properly handled in a timely fashion. Handles correspondence between the Board of Directors and the parents.


The Registrar manages all aspects of enrollment and solicits new members. Organizes open houses and arranges visits and tours of the school for perspective members. In charge of all distributing all forms and registration packets.

This position is currently open.

Health Chair

The Health Chair is responsible for ensuring all children’s health and immunization records are up to date. They also need to submit immunization reports to the town and state each year.

Ways and Means/Fund-Raising Committee

This position is in charge of fundraising events for the school.

This position is currently open.


This position is in charge of advertising for the school and posting of all events.

This position is currently open.

Indoor Housing

This position is in charge of keeping the school’s library in order as well as organizing the school clean-ups.

This position is currently open.

Outdoor Housing

The Outdoor Housing position is in charge of maintaining the school grounds, clearing leaves and snow, etc.

Equipment and Supplies

This position is in charge of researching and purchasing school supplies.

This position is currently open.